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WSKEN Malaysia Quick Charge Magnetic USB Data X-Cable


If you are APPLE iPhone Or Sony Xperia Fan, you should know Magnet Cable. :) Magnet Cable is gadget goal for android high-end user due to its innovative and elegant design. How long we android user  wait for it just able own magnet cable like APPLE or Sony Xperia. YES! Finally the day is coming for Malaysian~ ( So proud to be Malaysian in this moment since we able get this kind product faster than other Southern East Asian Countries after Taiwan :P)
Today we would like introduce WSKEN brand a new type MICRO USB CABLE which is FIRST global Magnet Cable For Android OS Phone such as SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, ASUS, OPPO etc - WSKEN X-CABLE 2.4A MAGNET USB DATA & CHARGING CABLE .
WSKEN X-CABLE Magnetic Micro USB Metal Fast Charging Data Sync Cable, a type cable which unlikely ordinary cable we know because innovative new technology magnet concept able help us connect cable between Mobile device and charger (Power Bank, USB Adapter Charger) more faster and safe…
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Attentive is Our Attitude - ECENTURY99


We do not simply sell only, we are a group for attention on personalize quality requirement & after-sales service to our consumer.  The personalize we mean is we hopefully can sell something which is able HELP /  IMPRESSIVE/ SUITABLE for YOU as possible.  Perhaps you meet a difficulties on HOW SHOULD I CHOOSE / WHICH SHOULD I BUY  ? You just throw this job to us and just believe us- ECENTURY99 team. Because we did source, try and filter better / pretty worth / Genuine or Origin Factory before selling in our WEBSITE or LELONG STORE .
Let's said we will recommend you to have a better and suitable product in our store or outsource (optional but may take longer time and we unable 100% guarantee) based on your preference and device you have in order to optimize YOU as possible, perhaps it makes you look more cool, stylish , efficiency or solve your trouble etc because of the service/ product we recommend.

For Example
1) You could try reach us …

TPU Screen Protector : A new type screen protection

It’s tough choosing the right kind of screen protector for your smartphone, especially when there are so many on the market. But when you look past the branding, you’re really only left with two choices when it comes to screen protectors for phones: glass or plastic. It Doesn’t Get Simpler Than Plastic

There are two different types of plastic screen protectors: PET film and TPU. If you’ve ever seen a thin plastic film covering a phone, it was likely a PET film cover. These types of protectors generally cost less than their glass equivalents, ranging from a few dollars to upwards of $10. This screen protector is a good choice if you have a cheaper or older phone and want the most basic protection for the lowest possible cost. While it’ll keep your screen safe from being scratched and scraped by the keys in your pocket, it won’t protect from impact damage or more severe scrapes. TPU, on the other hand, is a great option for people who would like affordable smudge- and scratch-resistance…

How to Spot Original vs Fake WSKEN in Malaysia

How to verify for get original WSKEN cable in Malaysia / Singapore market ?  
1) Find us WSKEN Malaysia for original WSKEN and after-sales service as recognized from WSKEN Shenzhen 

2) Basic Spot for difference of fake and original WSKEN cable in market. 
*Some of Fake Cable may will put on X-Cable for confusion market.  However, Please ensure your cable come with WSKEN retail packaging and also cable clearly stated out designed by WSKEN in Shenzhen.  Assembled in China
3) Only WSKEN X-Cable (designed by Shenzhen LJX Technology Co. Ltd )  ,
iF Design Award 2016 :
‪#‎WSKEN‬ X-CABLE : you might find multiple types of USB data cables in the modern markets, but you must be dedicated to choose one which can be easily operated and will never interfere with what you are doing. X Cable can be your best option. X refers to its unique properties: magnetic clasp design, classic architecture design and a completely anodized aluminum shell, enhancing t…

XXSD Nano TPU Screen Protector, Terminator of Tempered Glass

XXSD Nano TPU Screen Protector, Terminator of Tempered Glass - ECENTURY99 

Dang...Dang...We would like introduce another good stuff for mobile gadget lover. You must take here a look if you care your phone and would like have better protection on your mobile screen.  There is a lot accessories for protect screen in market, most common now we looking for from online or retail shop is the TEMPERED GLASS. BUT, todayNO More tempered glass, you have another choice - a kind UPGRADE and BETTERScreen Protector which have NANO material to provide stronger anti-broken of screen protection from drop and smash than normal tempered Glass -  XXSD NANO TPU SCREEN PROTECTOR
Nano TPU Screen Protector is a new trend product among in KOREA. Below video is XXSD Nano Screen Protector DEMO by KOREA XXSD.  :) 

What is the difference of  XXSD NANO TPU SCREEN PROTECTOR with tempered glass ?
1)  No Need Ensure 100% 0 Bubble During Installation 

Most of time , we may need some skills or technique for installing t…


Caution Reminder : WSKEN X-CABLE Magnetic Micro USB Cable

Caution Reminder : WSKEN X-CABLE Magnetic Micro USB Cable by ECENTURY99 MALAYSIA We are always take pride on our after-sales support for every customer who need assistance each time they purchase our product in our store ECENTURY99 whenever customer come from OUR WEBSITE, LELONG, 11 STREETWe might unable 100% pleasure all , at least we ready after-sales support possible if buyer meet some difficulties/issue/warranty on our product , not just WSKEN. we also have carry other brand product that we keep on after-sales support for benefit IT Gadget Buyer as possible  

During transaction , we also have meet some friendly buyer and always get their advise for improvement. Appreciate that there have a nice buyer personally give us some advise put on the caution reminder for WSKEN common issue after he look for assistance because his cable could not work on 16th September. Even he remind us again as we forget prepare and update it on product listing we sell  after he bough another advance ve…

WSKEN Cable - NOBODY Can Simply Open Your Mobile Data Folder More While Charging

WSKEN Cable : Worry private and confidential for phone data while charging on Laptop ? - ECENTURY MALAYSIA
Smartphone just like is our another identity card because it stores a lot data or photo apart for communication purpose .  Sometimes we may forget bring our charger or we are in front of Laptop during workplace/home while out phone is out of battery . Perhaps we may direct connect our mobile with laptop for charging purpose.  Most of the cable will sync data and charging together once plug with laptop USB port unless the cable without synchronize function.
WSKEN Cable definitely not just its unique magnet design make connection easier, in same time it able provide high stability speed to ensure our mobile in optimal battery performance  and data transfer between devices. As we mentioned on earlier post, reversible Designed (plug in either direction) and magnetic design actual achieve our ONE HAND, ONE TOUCH dream all the time .BUT for data transfer still need to have connect wi…