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Carrying Travel Pouch Bag

Do you ever try to find a carrying pouch bag for your data storage device or power bank?

I believe that most of us will have it for prevent our hard disc or power bank from damaged / corrupted. This is because we hope that our device able stand longer time to use.

Here introduce 1 type carrying pouch bag is not just good for protect data storage device or power bank, it able place some small accessories such as pen drive, memory card and YES dongle device as its extra pocket . Then we able bring these device easily now when go out in case we need it  This Carrying Protect Pouch Bag is hard shell zipped bag with have extra pocket and suitable almost all brand 2.5' External Hard disc such as Western Digital, Transcend, Seagate and so on. Besides that , most of Power Bank also able fit into the bag. It has 4 color choices : BLACK, BLUE, PINK, YELLOW.

Refer the picture below.


CLiptec Hard Shell  External Hard drive Carrying Protector Pouch Bag CZG120

left sid…