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Q&A Online Shopping With ECENTURY99


1) Why do not put selling price for each product in Facebook/Twitter?

We are 100% truly E-Commerce Seller that fully operational our business in website.Facebook just is one of our marketing platform channel for communication in order to get your answer or any further assistance.We never put all picture details or video in social marketing platform, so we certainly would recommend you visit our website / web store for price and the details of the product (Include postage based on delivery coverage). You able get fully details(picture, video,function etc) and review for each product in our web store for more understanding each product. Thus, you really do not need afraid the product you received is different as what picture/video we show. We guarantee that will be 100% same and Genuine Original from local/International Distributor.

2) Why do not message us when we put "pm" in comment status ?

As mentioned on above, Facebook just is one of our marketing pl…