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React your phone notification in front of PC

PUSHBULLET - Push Notification To All Devices for easier job 

I believe all will agree that we never apart from mobile device more for live now. We only need take out our mobile device then can do ANYTHING now BUT it does not mean we can do EVERYTHING. For certain situation we still will use PC or Laptop for doing task due to more flexibility on tasking in bigger screen and mobile device not really can replace all design/ advance edit/ programming and those task which need more powerful feature to support. That's why a lot of us  still will sit in front of  PC to work instead of mobile device. Just like me everyday must will open PC and also more prefer sit in front of  bigger screen for daily task (checking mail, response on customer inquiry, monitor activity etc) instead of mobile device. But sometimes will missed a call or text while working in front of PC especially morning since do not regularly to check mobile and sometimes do not heard the sound mobile at all. :(  

Well, ther…

How to pair your phone to an ordinary old speaker without Bluetooth function

Nowadays, mobile device (smartphones & tablets) not just our communication device more, we also make it for entertainment purpose such as gaming, listening to music, watching video, browsing web and a lot activities that we can do it for leisure anytime anywhere.For the music lover, we usually will download song and store into our phone currently even we just simply play music from the app without download somewhere more .We may still will looking for a Bluetooth speaker  because we unable direct connect our phone to old speaker which don't have Bluetooth function.
Right now we share a good news to you  -- Convert your old speaker to wireless speaker now !
You Do not need buy a Bluetooth speaker more. Save up at least RM 200 ++ ~
You Do not need approach closer to your speaker more for adjust volume, play-track etc
(Because you can direct control over on your phone ! ) You Do not need throw your old speaker more. No wastage more ~
Your Speaker do not have any USB port ? No worries…

Display screen of tablet and ultra notebook to projector via HDMI or Micro HDMI

As per post earlier mentioned, we have shown how to configure screen display setting in windows. Here we will introduce the hardware part and converter your should have to aid for connecting cable between devices to extend or duplicate screen properly.

For Ultra-notebook / Tablet
In general, laptop or notebook will come with 2 types interface, that is VGA and HDMI just as picture shown. You just simply connect your VGA cable or HDMI cable (just based on your preference) to another output monitor screen or projector to extend your screen display to second monitor. By the way, the VGA port getting replaced with solely HDMI or MICRO HDMI port since ultra-notebook and tablet is getting popular & common among in market. In same time, you would like connect your tablet or ultra-notebook (which only HDMI port) with VGA monitor, Projector or Ordinary TV with VGA cable only
for ultra-notebook user,  you need to have a HDMI to VGA converter
for tablet or mobile user, you need to have…

How to configure setting windows display screen to projector via Vga or HDMI

Here is the simple tips for how to configure windows setting and choose screen display option to present your slide or script to audience via VGA Port. Besides that, we also will tell you how to extend or duplicate your  screen content in tablet/mobile/laptop ultra book via HDMI or Micro HDMI 

A lot of office newbie or teacher always will looking for help to adjust setting screen display to projector since they are non-tech savvy. Here we simply introduction what is the difference of screen display type and will go through for adjust setting power slide show to display content for audience in proper way.

Projector Setting (Shortcut Key on keyboard  = "WINDOWS " Button + "P" Button  )

For Windows 7

For Windows 8

EXTEND.  Show your power slide show to present audiences while you still able refer your notes or script in front of your computer.  < MUST-KNOW>

How to adjust the setting in Microsoft Power Point show to extend the screen

* SHOW ON - Se…