How to pair your phone to an ordinary old speaker without Bluetooth function

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nowadays, mobile device (smartphones & tablets) not just our communication device more, we also make it for entertainment purpose such as gaming, listening to music, watching video, browsing web and a lot activities that we can do it for leisure anytime anywhere.For the music lover, we usually will download song and store into our phone currently even we just simply play music from the app without download somewhere more .We may still will looking for a Bluetooth speaker  because we unable direct connect our phone to old speaker which don't have Bluetooth function.

Right now we share a good news to you  -- Convert your old speaker to wireless speaker now !

You Do not need buy a Bluetooth speaker more. Save up at least RM 200 ++ ~
You Do not need approach closer to your speaker more for adjust volume, play-track etc
(Because you can direct control over on your phone ! )
You Do not need throw your old speaker more. No wastage more ~
Your Speaker do not have any USB port ? No worries ~
You just need ensure your speaker have an AUDIO AUX cable and your speaker still can work well. Next, we will show you a good tip for how to add Bluetooth function to your ordinary old speaker

Now you only simply connect a small device - Bluetooth Music Receiver with your speaker via AUX cable then pair with your phone and play your song over the speaker easily. YES. Only Plug and Play. That's so easy. You do not need take out any tools/ screw driver etc for modify your speaker become Bluetooth speaker!!! Unbelievable ? let's take a look ~

You just simply put this device into your speaker USB interface for power supplied. If you speaker is indeed ordinary speaker without USB port, BLUEAUDEO CLiPtec Wireless Bluetooth USB Powered Audio Music Receiver BMR222 still is the best choice for you since the USB Head for this received is mainly for Power Supplied only. You just need looking for a USB adapter charger or any power USB source to provide power for device work only. On the other end  of received just plug your 3.5mm AUX cable from speaker

( Picture illustrated for USB power source from USB adapter charger and laptop usb port)

Alternative, you still could use your power bank as your USB power source. Just we do not so recommend. :)

How to pair ?? 

Once supply power to the music receiver BMR222, you able search the music receiver in you Bluetooth enable device (mobile phone) list. In the list, there will show up a device name as BMR222, what you need to do is just click and pair “wait for few second for successful pair” then able play any music, movie or drama and sound will out from your ordinary speaker


Besides that, we have customer proof that It can work with iPhone as well since we do not have iPhone device to try before as we mentioned to the customer before he deal. Thanks for giving a try. He placed over our website and joint our member instant reward point to get discount during checkout although this is his FIRST deal with us.  

We appreciate that Mr. Muhammad Hakim (from MELAKA) feedback on our service and also the product :) 


Extra Information : we  found the sound quality also will depend on your Bluetooth enabled device, speaker as well. The sound is superb AMAZING when HTC mobile (with beast sound) paired to Edifier speaker. On the other hand, we tried on other phone to connect with same Edifier speaker. The sound  quality from the HTC (with beast sound) better than other phone.  ~ 

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