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React your phone notification in front of PC

PUSHBULLET - Push Notification To All Devices for easier job 

I believe all will agree that we never apart from mobile device more for live now. We only need take out our mobile device then can do ANYTHING now BUT it does not mean we can do EVERYTHING. For certain situation we still will use PC or Laptop for doing task due to more flexibility on tasking in bigger screen and mobile device not really can replace all design/ advance edit/ programming and those task which need more powerful feature to support. That's why a lot of us  still will sit in front of  PC to work instead of mobile device. Just like me everyday must will open PC and also more prefer sit in front of  bigger screen for daily task (checking mail, response on customer inquiry, monitor activity etc) instead of mobile device. But sometimes will missed a call or text while working in front of PC especially morning since do not regularly to check mobile and sometimes do not heard the sound mobile at all. :(  

Well, there is a friend introduced a mobile app - PUSH Bullet  last 2 week then really not need check mobile device more while we still can working in front of PC. Because of this app, it able push all notification on mobile based on your setting preference to PC right now ! There is included SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail, Calling Notification ( so far what I have tested on common I use)  ~ We still able directly SMS over PC now once linked mobile and send link between all linked device . That's really cool and convenience at all.  Most important there is FREE - a word that everybody like. Of course you also need download and install the version on the device you would like then it just can work.

Don't worry. That is very EASY and not any complicate configuration at all~  

Here show some picture for Push Bullet in Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 

( Successful Installed Push Bullet App In Galaxy S3 Mini )

( Installed on Multi Platform For Linked Device - Android , Window, Chrome )

( Inside App Setting, just simply turn on " Show my notification on my PC")

( You also can choose enable which app in your mobile for push notification to PC )

( Here show how it look for  push notification to PC when email and Whatsapp reach on Galaxy S3 mini; The push notification will pop up on bottom right of PC based on setting)  

This is really great stuff for more efficiency on tasking. But it does not mean we will response instantly when message reach, Just we could ensure we knew the message reach and response it as soon as possible at on our first convenience time 

If you interested on this app , you may visit for more details and try how it work :) 

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