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WSKEN Cable - NOBODY Can Simply Open Your Mobile Data Folder More While Charging

WSKEN Cable : Worry private and confidential for phone data while charging on Laptop ? - ECENTURY MALAYSIA
Smartphone just like is our another identity card because it stores a lot data or photo apart for communication purpose .  Sometimes we may forget bring our charger or we are in front of Laptop during workplace/home while out phone is out of battery . Perhaps we may direct connect our mobile with laptop for charging purpose.  Most of the cable will sync data and charging together once plug with laptop USB port unless the cable without synchronize function.
WSKEN Cable definitely not just its unique magnet design make connection easier, in same time it able provide high stability speed to ensure our mobile in optimal battery performance  and data transfer between devices. As we mentioned on earlier post, reversible Designed (plug in either direction) and magnetic design actual achieve our ONE HAND, ONE TOUCH dream all the time .BUT for data transfer still need to have connect wi…