Caution Reminder For Wsken Magnetic Cable

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Caution Reminder : WSKEN X-CABLE Magnetic Micro USB Cable by ECENTURY99 MALAYSIA

We are always take pride on our after-sales support for every customer who need assistance each time they purchase our product in our store ECENTURY99 whenever customer come from OUR WEBSITE, LELONG, 11 STREETWe might unable 100% pleasure all , at least we ready after-sales support possible if buyer meet some difficulties/issue/warranty on our product , not just WSKEN. we also have carry other brand product that we keep on after-sales support for benefit IT Gadget Buyer as possible  

During transaction , we also have meet some friendly buyer and always get their advise for improvement. Appreciate that there have a nice buyer personally give us some advise put on the caution reminder for WSKEN common issue after he look for assistance because his cable could not work on 16th September. Even he remind us again as we forget prepare and update it on product listing we sell  after he bough another advance version of WSKEN cable from us in October :)

Finally, we done caution reminder in all listing on 12th October. Here we list out solution/reminder for common issue encounter on our WSKEN buyer .



1) Please do remove wrapper plastic on the cable  

Sometimes we do not remove the wrapper In order to keep cable new. BUT if your cable cannot work, we strongly advise you remove wrapper plastic on the cable then test if it work 

Yes...this is the Nice buyer above I mentioned. In begin the cable could not charge although he ensure the connector installed properly on his phone so we advise him remove the wrapper plastic to test... Yea...can work after remove wrapper plastic !!!

2) Still cannot work ? Please do check micro connector does it totally fit your device charging port and you need ensure connector cannot remove more in charging port until you need use a removal tools (including in packaging) to remove.
Note : Please do check this video how to install properly :)  We will strongly recommend this installation for ALL USER. Most of phone model you might need to push the connector into charging port till you heard a "CLIP" sound and totally fit then just consider INSTALLED PROPERLY.

3) Still cannot work / cannot transfer data ?? Please do TALK TO US for assistance ~ we will ready to help you  to ensure you get a wsken cable perfect work without waste your money. 

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