XXSD Nano TPU Screen Protector, Terminator of Tempered Glass

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

XXSD Nano TPU Screen Protector, Terminator of Tempered Glass - ECENTURY99

Dang...Dang...We would like introduce another good stuff for mobile gadget lover. You must take here a look if you care your phone and would like have better protection on your mobile screen. 
There is a lot accessories for protect screen in market, most common now we looking for from online or retail shop is the TEMPERED GLASS. BUT, today NO More tempered glass, you have another choice - a kind UPGRADE and BETTER Screen Protector which have NANO material to provide stronger anti-broken of screen protection from drop and smash than normal tempered Glass -  XXSD NANO TPU SCREEN PROTECTOR

Nano TPU Screen Protector is a new trend product among in KOREA. Below video is XXSD Nano Screen Protector DEMO by KOREA XXSD.  :) 

What is the difference of  XXSD NANO TPU SCREEN PROTECTOR with tempered glass ?

1)  No Need Ensure 100% 0 Bubble During Installation 

Most of time , we may need some skills or technique for installing tempered glass on our phone especially newbie just like us :P. The common issue is the bubble on our screen and we need to have ensure no bubble during installation of tempered glass. Start from now, you not need worry on this with Nano TPU Screen protector. This is because it able expell bubble faster when you stick the tpu screen protector on your phone. Most important is, You not need ensure 100% perfect without Bubble during installation and even you not need use any card/ hand to push the bubble more.  
So you only need to ensure you place and align to stick screen protector properly on your phone.  Yes, That really so easy installation.

2) XXSD NANO Screen Protector Stronger Protection / No Easy Fracture Like Tempered Glass

We did use a screw driver to hit on the Note 5 with fast speed ( that time forget record the video) and the screen protector do not have fracture/ crack . It just have few tidy hole and now screen protector still work well on Note 5. Just as below picture 

However, We still advise user don't simply to use hard and shape object to test : ) 
Because there do not have any screen protector/ tempered glass in the world can 100% protect your phone screen.
Just we able can keep looking for better and even better phone screen protector to maximize our screen protection up to 95 % 

3) Round curved shape and PERFECT COVER SCREEN of Note 5 which is NEARLY ZERO HALO Effect.

4) Premium Protection Coverage Phone Model Brand in Malaysia -iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi  

01. iPhone 4s

02. iPhone 5s

03. iPhone 6

04. iPhone 6 Plus

05. Samsung Galaxy S4
06. Samsung Galaxy S5
07. Samsung Galaxy S6
08. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
09. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
10. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
11. Samsung A7 ( 2016)
11. Samsung A7
12. Samsung A8

13. Xiaomi Mi3

14. Xiaomi Mi4

15. Xiaomi Mi Note 

16. Xiaomi RedMi Note

17. Huawei P7

18. Huawei P8

19. Huawei Mate 7

20. Huawei Mate 8

P/S : XXSD NANO SCREEN PROTECTOR is better than other cheaper/similar pricing normal tempered glass . If you are willing to pay a slightly higher price, a NANO TPU protector is,logically better choice. At the very least, it's going to provide better impact protection . It's also nicer to the touch, although it isn't glass-smooth

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