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Thursday, 4 August 2016

We do not simply sell only, we are a group for attention on personalize quality requirement & after-sales service to our consumer.  The personalize we mean is we hopefully can sell something which is able HELP /  IMPRESSIVE/ SUITABLE for YOU as possible.  Perhaps you meet a difficulties on HOW SHOULD I CHOOSE / WHICH SHOULD I BUY  ? You just throw this job to us and just believe us- ECENTURY99 team since we always source and filter in order better experience before selling in our WEBSITE or LELONG STORE .

Let's said we will recommend you to have a better and suitable product in our store or outsource (optional but may take longer time and we unable 100% guarantee) based on your preference and device you have in order to optimize YOU as possible, perhaps it makes you look more cool, stylish , efficiency or solve your trouble etc because of the service/ product we recommend.

For Example

1) You could try reach us If you would like buy a cable and would like more suggestion before purchase in our store/website,  

( Yeap...this is one of reason why we prefer email communication sometimes . However, you still could TALK TO US for pre-inquiry or more understand before you start a deal)  

2) Wireless Charger is a kind new trending product. Currently only certain brand model device build in with integrated wireless technology charging chip-set. YES, there are a kind universal wireless receiver adapter in market now which is able transform all phone device to have a wireless charging, We will FILTER, TRY, CHOOSE to sell to ensure performance/value as good as we expect Or ensure come from Genuine/Origin Distributor or Factory before we sell.

You just throw your doubts to us and just enjoy to discover something you would like from us

We impossible able 100% fulfill all people in market, Just may be we are the one you looking for to assist / solve your doubts with our attentive service. 
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