Does Your Lightning Cable is Apple MFI Authorize Cable

Sunday, 13 August 2017

If you use some cheap cables that are low quality, you iPhone usually encounter not charging issue once you have upgrade your IOS. You need to have a MFI Certificate Cable which ensure you get a workable iPhone cable a long time.

What is MFI Certificate Cable ?
MFi Apple certified is a licensing program of Apple Inc., which is for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod. 

MFi is short for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

How to verify your lightning to usb cable is an MFi authorized product?

There is a very simple way to check whether your lightning cable is and MFi certified product. You may just click the HERE to Apple’s website and type in your cable brand. There you go, you have already got your answer. [ Get a WSKEN APPLE MFI CERTIFIED CABLE HERE]

If you are using a no-certified charging cable, you may encounter the issue below : 

Cable is incompatible.
a warning message will burst in your Apple device’s screen. It says: “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.”

Devices don’t charge.
Unauthorized charging and sync cable can prevent your Apple devices from charging or data syncing. With some devices, it will only keep a constantly low charge, while others do not charge at all—not even to maintain a charge.

Devices won’t turn on.
If your iPhone power off and you try to charge it with a non-certified cable, it might not turn back on at all.
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